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Introduction to the disharmony


Major symptoms:

  • thirst
  • sweating
  • fever
  • diarrhea
  • all of the above symptoms manifesting during summer season


Summerheat” is a disorder that relates to the season summer and “acts” in its own season. It manifests with heat signs such as thirst, sweating and fever. Since the dampness in summer is high, as heat makes water vaporize, summer heat tends to mingle with summer dampness. Thus the physiological symptoms become a compilation between heat and damp, manifesting in diarrhea.


The herbs that clear summerheat are fever reducing, fluid producing, and have the property to alleviate thirst. Some are also diuretic. (1)


Major Chinese Herbs


Bian Dou (Dolichos lablab) is a bean, used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of summerheat, especially with pronounced diarrhea and vomiting. Dou Juan (Glycine mas) – young soybean sprout – is good for early stage summerheat or or early stage warm febrile disease. Lotus leaf – He Ye (Nelumbo nucifera) and wormwood – Qing Hao (Artemisia annua) – both have the property to treat summer heat and stop bleeding. Qing Hao is also good for malarial disorders.


Healing foods


Lu Dou Soup


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Food Therapy


Food therapy is the most economical and non-toxic biochemical approach to health and disease. Food is something we continuously use to sustain our lives. Learning what foods are healing (and what disruptive) for each condition has the potential to convert every meal into a form of therapy.   


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(1) Benski, Dan & Gamble, Andrew (1993). Materia Medica, Revised Edition. Seatle: Eastland Press, Incorporated

(2) Pitchford, Paul (2002). Healing with Whole Foods. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books


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