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“Holos” from Greek means “all”, “whole”, “completely”. Sapiens from Latin means “wise” (“sensible”, “judicious”). Thus “holos sapiens” translates to “all wise”, “whole wise”, “completely wise”.


When you put “holos” and “sapiens” together and merge their “s” you get the word holosapiens. This is very close to the existing and well-known term “homo sapiens” - “wise human”, the human of today. “Holos” is also the root of “holistic”. Based on that if we syndicate the terms “holosapiens” and “homo sapiens” and review them from a linguistic morphological perspective “holosapiens” could also be grasped as “holistic human”.


We will leave it up to you to decide which interpretation you recognize to be the more accurate one. Whether it is “completely wise”, or “holistic human”, or... both ("completely wise holistic human"), it is our hope that a term with a meaning similar to holosapiens, will one day define the human of tomorrow.




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